A downloadable game

This is an endless arcade musical experience. Zero micro-transactions. 

Welcome to Beat Sprinter!

Get as far as you can... or just enjoy the ride. Beat Sprinter hosts an increasing library of music tracks and environments, bringing something fresh to the Google Play Store. 

Featuring music from:

- dosbomb.
- Neighbourhood Vandal
- No Mic
- LoFi Lounge
- Schneidy
- Barradeen

Beat Sprinter is designed for the casual player in mind, navigate your way across endless waves of increasingly difficult obstacles you have to cut down with your Katana all whilst listening to a range of music provided by collaborating artists. 

I wanted to create an experience that felt good and sounded better to play but also keep the mechanics simplistic and keep performance high. 

I really hope you will enjoy this micro-transaction free game.

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